The 5 best tours and excursions in Vienna


Vienna is one of the most beautiful and perfect European capitals to enjoy a few days away. The so-called city of music is full of large buildings, palaces, museums, coffee shops and libraries, which we are sure, will leave you breathless.
If you have more time in the city you can also take some excursion to some of the most incredible places to see in Austria and that are very close to Vienna like the Danube Valley with the beautiful Melk Abbey, the city of Salzburg or the forests from Vienna, among others.
All these excursions in Vienna They can be done after renting a car in Austria, by public transport or by booking a tour from Vienna.
We leave you a list of what we think are the 5 best tours and excursions in Vienna in Spanish, based on the days we spent touring the city on the trip through Austria by rental car we made and that made us fall in love with this country.

1. Excursion through the valleys of the Danube and Wachau

The Danube and Wachau Valleys, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Austria, are only an hour away from Vienna. This valley forms the most beautiful area through which the meandering Danube passes and is a place where you will find impressive fairytale villages, meadows, castles, monasteries, abbeys, vineyards and forests, which make it a perfect place to enjoy the Nature and hiking trails.
One of the visits that we liked most about our passage through the Danube Valley was Melk Abbey, with an impressive old library. If you do not visit the area, you cannot miss Dürnstein Castle or make a small cruise on the Danube.
To reach the Danube Valley, if you do not have a rental car, you have the possibility of arriving by public transport or on a cruise, as well as by bicycle, since one of the most famous two-wheeled routes in the country, is done by this place.
Another option if you only have one day or do not want to complicate yourself, is to take a bus tour with a guide in Spanish, which will also pick you up directly at the hotel in Vienna.

2. Guided tour of Vienna that includes Schönbrunn Palace

A walking tour of the imperial capital of Vienna is one of the best ways to enjoy the city. Another original way is to take a tram and make the Ringstrasse, circular avenue where many of Vienna's most famous buildings and monuments are concentrated.
The city has some of the most important palaces in Europe such as the Belvedere Palace, Hofburg or the Schönbrunn Palace. The latter, with spectacular gardens, is one of the most essential places to visit in Vienna and was the summer residence of the famous Sissi Empress.
Other of the many things to do in Vienna is to enter the Austrian National Library, attend the Vienna Opera, have fun at the El Prater amusement park, find the Hundertwasserhaus, relax in the Stadtpark or devour a Sacher cake in one of the Historic cafes of the city.
These places can be visited on your own, but it is also advisable to make a guided tour in Spanish to learn more about the history and details of the city. If you opt for this option, the visit also includes the Schönbrunn Palace, which is further away from the city.


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