The 10 best Greek Islands


Spread over several archipelagos around Greece, the more than 2000 Greek islands They form a huge mosaic of transparent turquoise waters, vertigo cliffs and beautiful villages of white houses, which have become one of the best holiday destinations.
Although it may seem a lie, each island has its own charm, in which local tradition and customs are mixed with the thousands of tourists who visit them every year, thus maintaining the essence that has made them so special. Choosing the island or islands for your vacation will depend greatly on your tastes; If you are looking for the beach, gastronomy, archaeological sites, landscapes, charming villages, tranquility or the lively nightlife, things that should make you choose between one or the other.
During our trip to Greece in 32 days we visited several and we fell so in love, that if there is something that we are clear, we will return to complete the list of those we believe, they are the 10 best Greek Islands.

1. Mykonos

There are many things to see Mykonos, located in the Cyclades archipelago and known for its lively nightlife and parties, although for us it is also one of the Prettiest Greek Islands.
Its capital Chora is incomparable to other cities, walking through the cobbled streets of the historic center between bougainvillea and white-painted houses with doors, balconies and colorful stairs, is a pleasure for the senses.
We can also assure you that in Mykonos you can enjoy one of the best sunsets in the world, both from its famous Windmills and from the terraces of Little Venice, a unique place to watch the sunset.
If you are several days and one of them wants to take the opportunity to go to the beach, you can go by public transport or rent a car, quad or motorcycle to get to one of its famous beaches such as Paraga, Paradise or Super Paradise, with turquoise waters, although full of sunbeds and party at night, or get away a little more and enjoy the tranquility of beaches like Loulos.
In addition to Chora and the beaches, a highly recommended excursion in Mykonos is the visit to the nearby and uninhabited island of Delos, with one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, which can be a perfect complement to the visit of the island.
In Mykonos, we recommend staying in Chora, we were at the Hotel Olympia, located 200 meters from the beach with spacious and very clean rooms.
To get to Mykonos, you have the option to catch a flight from Athens or other European cities that have direct flights, or book a ferry in the port of Athens Piraeus to reach the island in less than 3 hours.
Another alternative if you are in Athens is to book a getaway to Mykonos for 2 or more days or this 4-day getaway where you will also know Santorini. In both excursions the ferry, accommodation and transfers are included.

2. Santorini

Santorini, another of the famous islands of the Cyclades, later formed a large volcanic eruption that resulted in a unique geography in the world, which has made it considered one of the best greek islands.
In addition to the geography, its beautiful villages and churches of white facades with roofs and doors of an intense blue stand out, which appear around the cliffs of the great volcanic caldera.
Among the villages, Oía stands out above all, a fairytale town located among the most beautiful in the world that boasts the best sunset views of the entire island.
During your visit we recommend you visit Oía first thing in the morning, before the cruise passengers and tourists arrive in mass, in order to get lost in its streets and take photos with tranquility. In the afternoon, at sunset, you only have to be patient to watch the sunset from the castle or find a quieter place on the lower paths.
There are many things to see in Santorini, in addition to visiting Oía, do not forget to reach the inland villages such as Emporio, make a hiking route between Fira and Oía, walk to the impressive Panaglia Theoskepasti church in Imerovigli, bathe in the red beach or visit the archaeological site of Akrotiri.
We stayed during the four days we were on the island at Gaby Apartments with incredible views, very friendly staff and great value for money.

To get to Santorini from Athens, if you don't use the plane, you can book a ferry from the port of Piraeus. The journey depending on the type of boat you choose has a duration between 4 and 7 hours.
In addition, if you are in Athens you can choose to book a trip to Santorini for 2 or more days or this 4-day getaway where you will also know Mykonos. Both hotels include the most transfers, and are among the best excursions in Athens.
Without any doubt, visiting Santorini is one of the best tips for traveling to Greece that we can give you.


Map of the most beautiful Greek Islands

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