Places to see on the New York Contrast Tour


New York is one of those endless cities, in which to fully enjoy the trip, it is important to choose very carefully what activities you want to do and which ones to discard, according to your preferences.
In our case, when we are asked, one of the experiences that we most recommend to travelers who travel for the first time to the city of skyscrapers, and want to know beyond the tourist area of ​​Manhattan, is the New York Contrast tour.
In addition to being the most famous excursion in the city, doing this tour will allow you to know some lesser-known neighborhoods of New York such as the multicultural Queens, the controversial Harlem or the quiet Brooklyn, by the hand of an expert guide in Spanish who will tell you the history and the most interesting anecdotes of each place.

Based on the experience of our 11-day trip to New York, during which we did this tour, we tell you all the places to see in the New York Contrast Tour.

Before starting the Tour Contrasts

Before starting the tour it is advisable to take into account the following details:
- The tour, which includes transportation and guide in Spanish, lasts approximately 5 hours, so it will take you almost a whole morning.
- There are several hotels in the center of Manhattan from which you can start the tour like the Sheraton New York Times Square, the Roger Smith Hotel, the Riu Times Square and the Hotel Pennsylvania.
- Remember that drinks and meals are not included and the tip is voluntary.
- The tour of contrasts takes place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8 am and Sunday at 12:45.
- If you want to know other meeting points, in the event that your hotel is not among those mentioned, know personal opinions of other travelers who have done this same tour or simply have more extensive information about the tour, you can consult the page of This company that performs the New York Contrast Tour.

1. The Bronx

The Contrast Tour begins arriving early in the morning at the Bronx, one of the most famous and conflictive neighborhoods in New York. This district, cradle of rap and hip hop, still maintains the dangerous fame of the 80s, when account adjustments and crimes were common. Nowadays most of its areas are safe and although they can be visited for free, especially during the day, maintaining some caution and knowing what places are covered, it is much more advisable to do it with a tour if it is your first time in New York.
The first bus stop in this neighborhood is Yankee Stadium, one of the most important and largest baseball stadiums in the world, where the New York Yankees play at home. It was opened in 2009 and has a capacity for more than 50,000 spectators.
After seeing the stadium on the outside and some graffiti depicting its great stars like Joe DiMaggio, you will head to the police station that appeared in the Fuerte Apache movie.
During the walk through this area you can see several graffiti of gang members, who tell the violent history of the neighborhood, until you reach the famous mural of the «I Love The Bronx», which will put an end to the visit to this interesting neighborhood.

Brooklyn bridge


Although all the places that are visited during the New York Contrast Tour can be reached by free using the accessible subway, we leave you several reasons why we recommend booking this organized excursion.
1. It allows you to have a first contact with three essential neighborhoods, which most people do not visit during their trip, and have a broader view of New York.
2. Being a bus tour you will save time on trips, since there is some tour visit it is far from public transport stops.
3. Know the history of each neighborhood and each place through a local expert and in your own language, something that will allow you to know details and anecdotes that do not appear in any guide.
4. It is located at number one of the tours and excursions in New York most recommended by travelers visiting the city.

Map of the places to visit in the Tour Contrasts

** This article is written as part of a collaboration with CITY TRAVEL NEW YORK, but always based on our experiences, with original content and without any brand having influenced us in any case.