The best free tours in Porto for free in Spanish


The best free tours in Porto for free They are currently one of the most demanded excursions by travelers who want to know this city in the best hand as well as visiting its most essential places.
Despite carrying the word «free«, These tours have the main characteristic, that the value of them is fixed by the final assessment of the traveler, who pays as a tip to the guide who has accompanied him during the tour. Although there are several free tours in Porto, the most recommended are those that visit the most tourist places in the city as well as those that talk about the mysteries and legends of it.
In addition, these tours are done with a guided in Spanish, something that will allow you to understand in detail all the explanations and anecdotes of the city and the places that are visited.

Keep in mind that despite not having a fixed price, as we mentioned earlier, the guides of any free tour expect to receive a tip, according to your final assessment of the free tour in Porto.

After our trip to this city, of which we wrote the travel guide to Porto and Guimaraes in 4 days, we leave you the ones that are for us, the best free tours in Porto for free.

Free tour in Porto in Spanish

East free tour in Porto It will take you to know some of its most famous places while you travel through some of its charming streets, full of charm.
The 2-and-a-half hour tour will begin at the Plaza de la Libertad, one of its most famous points from where you will go to the Clérigos Tower, one of the essential places to see in Porto, from where you have one of the most incredible views of the city.
From here the free tour of Porto Continue at the University and at the San Bento train station, with more than 20,000 tiles, which is another of the best known points of the city, where you will continue to know the history and anecdotes of one of the most soulful cities in Europe.
The next stop on the tour will be in the Batalha neighborhood, where you will visit the "he" or Porto Cathedral, another of the things to do in Porto, from where you can enjoy unique views of the city, the river and Vila Nova de Gaia on the other shore.
The tour, considered one of the best free tours in Porto, will end in the Plaza da Ribeira after strolling along the banks of the Duero and enjoying one of the best areas of the city.

We recommend you follow some of our tips for traveling to Porto and take advantage of the fact that you are in this area to try one of its recommended restaurants in one of its recommended restaurants.

Views of Porto on the free tour of alternative Porto

What tip to leave on free tours in Porto?

We cannot forget that despite the fact that free tours in Porto they carry the word in the title free, these as we mentioned at the beginning are not really free, since the traveler is expected to leave a tip to the guide in Spanish, based on their final evaluation of the tour.
In our case and always under our experience, we believe that if the final assessment of the free tour in Porto It has been positive, 10 euros should be the minimum per person.
Keep in mind that if you go with children, they do not usually pay, although this rule is not written anywhere and is what is usually done.

Do not forget that this is a personal reference and each traveler can live the tour in one way or another, have a different situation or a different budget. What we do believe is that although the tour has the floor free, this should not be a reason for to abuse of the circumstances and think that if we don't collaborate together so that free tours in Porto keep performing, they will end up disappearing.

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