10 essential places to see in Tel Aviv


This list of the best places to see in Tel Aviv It will help you prepare a visit to this cosmopolitan and modern city where it is impossible to get bored.
Bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean, Tel Aviv is a city totally different from the rest of the country, influenced more by the religious theme, in which you will leave aside the most cultural visits to enjoy more leisure activities.
Sunbathe or bathe in one of its kilometer beaches, have a drink or eat fresh seafood on the best terraces and chill outs, stroll or play sports along the Paseo Marítimo, get lost in the small old town of Jaffa, tour the markets and neighborhoods more fashionable, are just some of the things to do in Tel Aviv.

Based on the experience of the time we spent in the city during our trip to Israel and Palestine for free, we have made this selection of those we think are the 10 essential places to visit in Tel Aviv.

1. Jaffa

Walking the entire Paseo Marítimo on foot you will arrive in Jaffa in half an hour, one of the oldest ports in the world and one of the essential places to see in Tel Aviv.
This port city of more than 4000 years old, located at the southern end, was not part of Tel Aviv until 1950 and although the old part is not very extensive, it is worth strolling through its narrow streets to find places like Kikar Square Kedumin, where you can see the church of San Pedro. In addition to leisurely strolling through the old town you can enjoy the sea views from the Jaffa Lighthouse, look for a bargain at the flea market and see the Clock Tower and the Mahmoudiya Mosque.
A good option to learn about the interesting history of this neighborhood is to book this free tour of Jaffa Free! With guide in English.

2. Carmel Market

Carmel Market or Shuk Ha'Carmel, located near the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, is the most important to visit in Tel Aviv.
Touring this bustling street market, located in a network of narrow streets, is an experience in itself and an enjoyment for the senses to have a huge palette of smells, colors, sounds and flavors.
Friday mornings are the day when all the stalls are open and where you can find everything from candlesticks, food and sweets to souvenirs at a good price.

3. Boardwalk

The promenade or Promenade, which runs from Tel Baruch beach to old Jaffa, is an eight-kilometer show where you will see many people walking or playing sports.
From this walk you have access to the best beaches and some of the most fashionable terraces and chill out areas of Tel Aviv.
The best time to explore the promenade is at sunset when, if you're lucky, you'll see a spectacular sunset.


8. Florentin

Walking through the Florentin neighborhood, located south of the city and known as SoHo, is another of the best things to do in Tel Aviv.
This alternative and artistic neighborhood, dominated by graffiti on walls and facades, is transformed at night with the arrival of young people looking for fun in nightclubs and live music venues.
Among its most prominent places is the Levinsky market, full of stalls specializing in Turkish and Greek products.

9. Yarkon Park

Yarkon Park, as with Central Park in New York, is an oasis of tranquility for those seeking to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city.
This huge green space, which crosses the Yarkon River, has sports facilities, six gardens, a water park and open air concert halls in which the great stars of the music of the moment act.
Being a little away from the center it is more common to find places practicing sports such as fishing, walking quietly or flying kites, than tourists.

10. Dizengoff Square

Located in the center of the city, this two-level plaza surrounded by several Bauhaus-style buildings such as the Cinema Hotel, is the most emblematic to see in Tel Aviv.
Initially the square had a roundabout in the center, although from 1978 a pedestrian upper level with several ramps was created to congest traffic.
The most famous point of the square is the colorful fountain by the Israeli artist Yaacov Agam, which is located in the center.

Map of the best places to visit in Tel Aviv

If you feel like helping us complete the list of the 10 places to see in Tel Aviv, add yours in the comments.